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    Product Description:
      Renovation of old and new floor is a fine treatment by using highly efficient grinding equipment and diamond tools for grinding and polishing concrete floors.
    This ground is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also has a good working environment, ground durability, its life and lower costs during the period, both beautiful and economy, public buildings, industrial buildings and a very good ground.
    Floor mirror treatment is a holistic concept of fine treatment of concrete surface. This technology uses mechanical means to fine treatment of concrete surface, it removed the top surface layer of low strength concrete, easy starting point, do not wear the cement paste, exposing the bottom of the higher strength of concrete entity, end up with a completely uniform , High quality, both functionality and aesthetics of concrete surfaces.
    Flat surface, high-gloss polished surfaces, high strength wear-resistant, long lifetime, low maintenance, high cost.
    Applicable scope:
    Guangzhou applicable to all types of industrial plants, warehouses, distribution centers, garages, supermarkets and so on. Not only for new concrete, wear-resistant floors, terrazzo floors, floor to further enhance the appearance and durability, especially for the old concrete, the problem wear floor, terrazzo floor of the renovated or refurbished to extend the life of the floor , Reduce costs, save time.
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