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    1,The surface is levelled bright, ventilatively and well and defending being mould and good
    2,Able to bear water, able to bear the oil, able to bear chemicals
    3,There is fairly good adhesive force in the moist base, it is tough and tensile, wear-resisting, shock-resistant to apply the membrane
    Suitable for various long-term moist ground, there are no limitations on the trades used, for instance basement, garage,etc..
    The level ground performance technical indicator of ground:
    The sticking intensity with the concrete,Mpa >=2
    Hardness,Shore D >=2

    Assaulting, 1Kg w/mh

    Wearability (500 grams / 1000 rotate, milligram) <=30
    Water-proof There is no change in 30 days
    Acidproof alkali (30% H2SO4, 10% HCL, 10% NaOH) There is no change in 30 days
    Able to bear petrol, engine oil There is no change in 30 days
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