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  1. Characteristic:
    1,Conductive performance
     •The electric conductivity is satisfied with UL779&NFPA99
     • The surface resistance is worth 103-105
     •The time of decaying of static: From 5000Volt to 0Volt, 0.25 seconds
     • Resist and rub, waterproof, antiseptic; Can defend various chemical medicine, acid, the corrosion of alkali and alcohol
    3,Specification unify, pattern exquisite, specially long color
    4,Resist and press
     • Can stand the machine, the lathe and carrying the rolling of the tool
    5,Conduct for ever
     •Because of stick to surface contain, distribute even conductive material in the intermediate layer, stick to surface have permanent conductive performance
     • PVC stick to surface keep volt of statics pigeonhole, can produce static adsorption to the dust, so it needn’t clear up the dust in the room to clean
     • Meet the National Fire Protection Association's fire retardant safety standards.
    ♦ The manufacture of the semiconductor products, assemble and test the factory building with the bolt
    ♦Flammable and explosive place: The oil field, the power plant, the supply station of coal gas,etc.
    ♦Clean the room, the computer laboratory
    ♦Communication department: Postal office building, the launching stand of the satellite, the communication centre, the TV and Radio Service,etc.
    ♦The manufacture of the electronic product, assemble, test the department and testing laboratory
    ♦The operating room of the hospital, preparation room
    ♦The floor of thorough fare sticks to the surface
    Main technical indicator:
      Index of the data


    Systematic resistance value Lead 104 Ω - 106 Ω of static ;
    Defend 104 Ω - 106 Ω of static;
    Decline one completely < 2seconds
    Employ the embodiment :
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