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    Make up compositions:
    ♦ A material imports epoxy resin and conductive aggregate, conductive auxiliary,etc.. B material: Solidify pharmaceutical according to kind.
    All such as the electron, microelectronics, communication, printing, computer lab, precision optical machinery, body of powder, oil warehouse, spaceflight need to defend the place of static
    Technical indicator:
    Experimental project Unit Index

    Compression strength

    Mpa 70
    Able to bear the thumping kg.cm 50
    Wearability (500g/1000r.g) g 0.03


    % 0.18%
    Surface resistance Ω 1X105-1X108
    Construction craft:
    Clean and deal with the ground: Polish, breathe in layer; Apply and put the electric conduction storey with the spatula; Paint, hold leading the static storey with spatula or cylinder; Paint, load with cylinder with, prevent static from paint.
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