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    Product description :
    ♦ Thickness: 1-5mm (divide into one cloth three scribble, two cloth four scribble, three cloth five odd kinds of specifications of painting etc.)
    ♦ Surface shape: Trowel type of laminar flow of flowing automatically, rolling in the surface, stopping the slipping type etc. Service life: More than 8 years ;
    ♦ The characteristic of the floor: The floor to flow automatically, at the flat foundation, combine the actual result of use in traditional resin mortar, floor of a kind of infant industry developed. Add two or three storeys of glass fibre cloth as strengthening floor while scribbling in this kind of floor, play skeleton function, it can not merely improve the matrices intensity and modulus of elasticity, and can reduce and shrink, raise the hot temperature out of shape and assault intensity globality and resist and assault and is able to bear the heavy pressure at low temperature, all improve notably, colour freely, level beautifully, benefit the clean nursing in the future.
    Applicable scope:
    Antiseptic pool, chemical medicine pool, tower, defending the level ground, right shock-resistant place food factory expecting much full of cracksly, electroplating the workshop, circuit board factory and is able to bear the level ground of ground warmly relatively tallly.
    The level ground performance technical indicator of ground:

    The watch does time (hour)

    The time of doing solid work (hour) ≤24
    Sticking intensity (Mpa) ≥2

    Wearability (750g/300r, weightlessness. g)

    Hardness (Shao D type) ≥80
    Compression strength (Mpa) 130
    Draw the intensity (Mpa) 100
    Bending strength (Mpa) 230
    Able to bearH2SO4,10% There is no change in 60 days
    Able to bearNaOH,10% There is no change in 60 days
    Able to bear petrol, 120# There is no change in 60 days
     Water-proof There is no change in 60 days
    Able to bear the lubricating oil There is no change in 60 days
    Construction craft:
    1, Deal with waterproofly: General the first floor ground need, make waterproof to punish;
    2, Deal with plainly: Do well and polish, mend, remove dust to deal with in accordance with the state plainly;
    3, The ring scribbles at oxygen bottom: Adopt the permeability and specially strong epoxy resin of adhesive force to scribble and hold once, strengthen the adhesive force of surface;
    4, Spread the glass and weave cotton cloth: Weave cotton cloth, level, launch glass, coating weave cotton cloth, glue glass firm in ground with epoxy resin, and wipe off with the trowel, enable its even coating, strengthen the toughness of ground in accordance with needing to pave 1-3 layers
    5, The coating of China: Add epoxy resin into right amount of quartz sand, paint on at glass weave cotton cloth evenly with trowel;
    6, Criticize the soil layer: Construct 1-2 times in accordance with the actual need, demand to level and have no hole, so that one scribbles and constructs;
    7, A coating: Ring oxygen flow automatically, paint one with trowel piece while being flat, roll surface and stop person who slip need is painted for twice, ones that require after the surface scribbles one bright cleaning of level ground, color.
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