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  1. Oxygen floor design considerations of the ring

    For the fast, accurate ring oxygen floor material suitable of choice, make the design of floor reach the best in such aspects as using, apparent, security, economy,the following respects are suitable for consulting
    1, Serviceability is required Mechanical performance
     ♦ Wear-resisting: What vehicles walk there will be the floor?
     ♦ Able to bear pressing: What load is born while using in the floor?
     ♦ Resist and assault: Does shock power cause the floor to take off storey full of cracksly?
     ♦ Resist acid alkali: Use the kind, density and temperature of the corrosivity medium?
    2, The floor situation where one occurs: Need to deal with dampproofly?
    3, Situation of basic floor
     ♦The intensity of the floor: Generally require compression strength to be greater than equalling 20MPA
     ♦ Roughness: Adopt the oxygen mortar of ring to mend? 4, Defend the static spark: Some occasions require the floor to some extent.
    5, Require safely: In the environment of the grease spot or ramp, need to choose the floor of slip resistance
    6, Financial budget: Choose the floor suitable according to the budget
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