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  1. Epoxy use of maintenance norms

      Epoxy completion of delivery, should adhere to the conservation and cleaning, to ensure that the workshop clean and tidy environment, thereby achieving a clean production environment. Meanwhile, ground maintenance work to be included in the daily routine of the management system will help to extend the life of the floor to reduce the revision rate to ensure smooth production, conservation of floor maintenance equipment with the equally importantHere are some of the major issues Floor Maintenance:

    1, construction of the case of Production, isolation zone construction environment sufficient to prevent dust, sand, etc. into epoxy floor paint is not dry out.
    2, easily contaminated areas, more eye-catching facade area, take the width of cloth Lang mop should be clean every day 1-2 times.
    3, the ground where coarse sand, mud, swept away in time to avoid sand grinding the ground, reducing surface wear.
    4, the employee should be replaced before entering the clean area of soft-soled shoes; in easily into the sand, mud of the junction, plastic carpet entrances and exits for easy access when employees cleared debris soles.
    5, forklifts, forklift unloading cargo flat note, to avoid the cargo side of the nephew, drag scratching the ground.
    6, vehicles, forklifts, forklift brakes to avoid running.
    7, the site of frequent oil spills oil leakage, regular cleaning with sawdust to prevent degeneration of oil, adsorption ash layer, a stubborn stains. Large oil of the region, wide cloth mop can be used to promote the sawdust floor drain oil.
    8, a mechanic with the ground to avoid Zala.
    9, where a large film damage, and repair times in order to infiltrate the base oil patch before the operation. Workshop ground with water, oil and water mixture to avoid breakage deposit at depth.
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