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  1. To ensure the quality of attention the main points of Epoxy Floor

           Industrial floor is widely used, but the construction requirements are quite high. Epoxy coating has a good overall performance of real and bright flat no cracks, can not afford gray easy to clean, easy maintenance, commonly used as first choice. How to ensure project quality epoxy floor. Experts said that key to seize the three major areas: pre-construction design and professional construction team selection; correct grasp of understanding on the construction of ground and surface pretreatment; correct construction organization and quality supervision. The expert said the image: Epoxy quality concentrating on 3 points, including: define their own requirements, to seize the industry requires focus, organization of construction design, construction teams, and strictly surface pretreatment to enhance construction quality supervision.
              Industrial applications typically require coating the ground, and have their own requirements. According to experts, such as: electronics, food, medicine and other industrial requirements can not afford to gray floor, clean and dust-free; no floor machinery industry requires a strong mechanical impact resistance, abrasion resistance and can withstand long-term forklifts and other vehicles Roll; Machine tools, machine shop and other industrial instruments are constantly subjected to all kinds of oil penetration is difficult to eradicate, requiring good floor oil; chemical industry requires floor corrosion ability of various chemical media. Commonly used in floor protection materials such as cement mortar, terrazzo, granite and other shortcomings of their own can not meet the requirements of modern industrialization. Epoxy Floor Coatings with good water resistance, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, salt spray and other chemical characteristics, and abrasion resistance, resistance to punching resistance, scrub resistance and other physical characteristics; and flat, bright, no Crack, can not afford to ash, easy to clean, easy maintenance, is the first choice for industrial flooring.
      However, due to the demands of industry focus, the use of environmental and construction control of coating is not in place, will now present a number of complex issues, thus affecting the construction progress and application of coating effect. Industrial floor coating in order to ensure the right choice when a smooth construction and reasonable use, there are several issues we must pay attention. Experts said that to establish a "professional services and management system"or "one-stop"service system, for application of floor features of the pre-construction design, organization and professional construction team, the correct grasp and carry out the construction ground Surface preparation, proper construction of full and strict supervision to ensure projects achieve the best results.
    Pre-construction design and professional construction team organization is the primary link. Experts believe that: accurately grasp every customer, every factory, and even different for each work area the individual requirements of each, through the understanding and analysis of industrial floor are to be given to the function, decoration and construction costs, etc., so as to owners of custom personalized Services "framework"is the core of the work of the stage. Specific range of functions, including the choice of the recommended coating system, the construction organization design, special technical problems to solve and so on. Vary due to industrial flooring products, specific functional requirements vary, a single type of floor coating can not meet the needs, which requires extensive communication with the owners, then the right choice floor paint and the corresponding construction process cost.
      Construction of ground and surface preparation can not correctly grasp the negligence, for the good work in this area can be gained from more than one floor with the relevant information. Including: pre-launch information on pre-construction meeting, the relevant technical documents, concrete contracting companies to submit a written document or oral statement, communication between the parties concerned work record, the water vapor content of the test data of concrete, special concrete pollution and pollution, pollution, and the depth Concrete performance reports. However, the implementation of well-Mei surface treatment program, experts said, the ground coating process is the key to handling coating the base surface, whether it relates to the coating layer firmly attached to the ground, coating layer is smooth and shining.
            Finally, the construction is in the right organization and strict quality supervision. Thunderstorms producing construction of all infrastructure projects are generally the end of the last owner before the program started. General schedule is tight and because "face" projects, and demand high, limiting more; and construction process design, but also six or seven from the bottom to the surface of procedures, and some projects even four or five processes, variety of materials, requiring Harsh. If you do not have a reasonable "construction schedule"," Engineering materials and equipment plans, ""Workforce Planning", which will greatly affect the duration, while the time interval between the coating is required, if not according to standard operation will be Affect product quality. Construction quality management regulations, construction and technical personnel to confirm before the construction of the project; floor coating construction work must be strictly make a record; construction is completed, on-site to the client, care and maintenance should be reminded of the coating method.
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