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  1. Anti-static floor coatings and construction

    First, ground floor coating concrete floor pre-construction state of standards:
    In order to achieve the best resin flooring materials, the strength and durability, concrete floor must have the following conditions in order to paint on the ground floor after construction to prevent the coating cracking or spalling;
    1, concrete label in the C30 or more;
    2, at 20 ℃ environment, the concrete floor should be maintained more than 28 days, PH value of 7 to 9 or less;
    3, the concrete floor in the maintenance, you should avoid using UV resin maintenance dose maintenance dose series or series;
    4, the concrete floor should ensure that the lower part of the waterproof layer intact;
    5, can not use dry cement concrete surface pressure light, slight surface roughness equivalent to 10μm;
    6, the concrete surface can be various types of oil pollution;
    7, the concrete floor can not free wheel phenomenon;
    8, in 25Mpa compressive strength, tensile strength over the 2Mpa;
    9, the concrete floor in the 50 mm depth, the water content of less than 8%;
    Second,Anti-static floor coating materials and the basic characteristics of
    Of anti-static floor, the first to take into account indicators of anti-static coating; Secondly, there is strength, tensile strength and abrasion resistance and chemical resistance normally. Therefore, the design is basically used in the formulation of epoxy resin as the base material, to add conductive material, filler, solvent and additives, made of anti-static floor coatings.
    Anti-static floor coatings, paints varieties can be divided by gravity floor coatings and solvent-based paints are two:
    1, anti-static floor coatings gravity: a smooth surface, high hardness, good wear resistance advantages. Ideal for horizontal flow layer of air above the place in 1000;
    2, anti-static solvent-based coatings: more expensive than gravity low floor, easy to control resistance, wear resistance and hardness of the floor worse than gravity. For the horizontal flow of air layer below the rank of sites in 1000.
    By the conductive material can be divided conductive fiber, conductive mica type, conductive metal powder and four kinds of conductive additives:
    1, conductive fiber:
    Advantages: high strength, low oil absorption, good electrical properties, add a small amount of low cost.
    Disadvantages: poor control of resistance value, likely to cause breakdown, causing harm, the dispersion is poor, uneven distribution of coating resistance.
    2, conductive mica type:
    Advantages: excellent conductivity, low weight, low oil absorption, resistance to control more convenient, to be very evenly distributed in the coating, the coating uniformity of resistance.
    Cons: Adding a large amount of costs than fiber high.
    3, conductive metal powder:
    Advantages: excellent conductivity, low prices.
    Disadvantages: its dark color, can not be made light, the proportion of large, easy to precipitate dispersion is poor, difficult construction, and susceptible to oxidation.
    4, carbon black, graphite:
    Advantages: excellent conductivity, low prices.
    Disadvantages: its dark color, can not be made light-colored, oil absorption is too large to make high solids coatings.
    5, conductive additives:
    Advantages: low cost, distributed evenly.
    Disadvantages: easy migration loss, anti-static features a short time, generally six months or so, only for temporary anti-static place.
    From the current development trend, the use of conductive mica kind floor coating anti-static conductive properties of gravity and physical properties of the best anti-static conductive mica, followed by solvent-based paints.
    Third,Anti-static floor coating formulation:
    1, choose the most suitable dispersant:
    So in the shortest possible time and shear force, will disperse conductive mica is good, in order to avoid affecting the fracture conductive mica conductivity;
    2, choose the most suitable anti-settling agent:
    So that the conductive mica powder dispersed in the system, to improve the storage stability of paint and coating uniformity of resistance.
    3, the appropriate choice of filling:
    In the formulation, the selection of a suitable filler is very important; one hand, it can make the conductive mica more evenly dispersed in the coating, so that more uniform resistance; the other hand, it can reduce the amount of conductive mica to add .
    4, control the viscosity of the right:
    To determine the viscosity of paint coating to store not only the stability of the resistance value of the final coating also plays a very important role.
    5, the control of appropriate initial setting time:
    Initial setting time will directly affect the length of the final coating resistance, coating uniformity.
    Fourth,Anti-static floor coating construction:
    1, anti-static floor overall design:
    In the anti-static floor coating system, the general design for the infiltration layer, insulating layer (screed), ground network, anti-static layer of conductive layer and a five-story structure.
    2, concrete testing:
    Before construction according to the concrete floor above the state standard on the concrete floor to be checked.
    3, selection and coating permeability layers:
    Permeability layers of paint coatings should be used permeable, not one-sided pursuit of closure, to avoid the coating from the shell. Primer can not be closed as a penetration, it should be the second coating.
    4, the insulating layer (screed) the selection and painting:
    Insulation in the construction, we must pay attention to the final surface smoothness and flatness. Smoothness and flatness as high as possible in order to make conductive self-adhesive copper foil to a good adhesion.
    5, conductive layer and coating selection:
    Construction of the conductive layer, conductive layer must be able to tightly, because the conductive layer made of conductive carbon black are used, therefore, conducting layer of very good hiding power, is likely to result in the construction of missing coating. Which affect the resistance of the surface layer of the system; therefore construction to roller two is appropriate.
    6, anti-static layer and coating selection
    In the anti-static surface construction, the first should be roller, each subsequent high-pressure airless spray should be used; whether solvent-or floor-type gravity, surface construction for at least two points. Construction of the surface layer should pay attention to changes in air humidity and temperature, humidity and the higher the temperature, the surface layer of lower resistance, low temperature and low humidity in the case of construction, formula should be adjusted so that resistance is too high.
    7, baseboard treatment:
    Do penetrate the layer and insulating layer, should deal with the baseboard, anti-static surface layer should be used in thin coating type anti-static coating, generally thick coating can not be used on the ground floor-and anti-static coating gravity. Baseboard conductive layer will not do it, because a thin coating type anti-static conductive coating layer can not cover the resulting defects.
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