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    Company Name Floor Specifications Construction area(Square meters) Location
    Zhejiang Geely Automobile Epoxy Mortar Floor roll 14500 Ningbo
    Ningbo Veken Group Epoxy floor coating 4500 Ningbo
    Ningbo Yunsheng magnet components epoxy self-leveling 4800 Ningbo
    Ningbo Wing safe epoxy self-leveling 3000 Ningbo
    Ningbo Shanshan Group epoxy mortar roll 4600 Ningbo
    Ningbo Beifa Group epoxy mortar roll 3000 Ningbo
    Ningbo Hao taste of nutritious meals non-slip epoxy floor sanding 8800 Ningbo
    Ningbo people and technology flat epoxy mortar floor coating 12000 Ningbo
    Ningbo Shengrui Electronics Epoxy coated floors, anti-static self-leveling 52000 Ningbo
    Ningbo Volkswagen Auto Parts flat epoxy mortar floor coating 5100 Ningbo
    Ningbo Jiateng Optoelectronics Technology flat epoxy mortar floor coating 7650 Ningbo
    Ningbo Riding Electronic Technology thin epoxy coating 4500 Ningbo
    Ningbo Boulevard plastic packaging epoxy mortar roll 5100 Ningbo
    Ningbo Huisen Wood epoxy mortar roll 6000 Ningbo
    Zhejiang Wakayama building (Chemical Terminal) Epoxy Glass corrosion 2000 Ningbo
    Ningbo TianSheng Precision Die Casting epoxy mortar roll 3000 Ningbo
    Ningbo Tianding Biotechnology epoxy self-leveling 1000 Ningbo

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