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  1.   Ningbo Beilun district build level ground project Co., Ltd. one devoted to and modern enterprise factory building ground transform, research and develop, high department enterprise of design and operation permanent , since the establishment of the company, rely on the consummate professional technique, fine construction quality, improve the thoughtful after-sale service, has accepted several hundred ground improvement projects in all parts of the country, had project achievement of nearly 5 million square meters already, has taken the lead in passing system authentication of ISO9001 world amount in the same trade, in order to become the member of national association’s director of epoxy resin, have established high-level prestige and public praise between same trade and customer, we have made the suitable achievement on the scale, there are relevant executive offices in Wuhan, Shanghai, Kunshan, Suzhou, Ningbo,etc..
    Our company is up until now, mainly accept the epoxy resin floor of the modern factory building of chemical industry of design and construction, the mortar of epoxy resin rolls and applies the floor, the epoxy resin flows automatically in the flat floor,thin scribbling type floor of epoxy resin, the glass fibre of epoxy resin accumulates one storey of floor, the epoxy resin prevents the static from scribbling in the floor thinly, the epoxy resin prevents the static from flowing automatically in the flat floor, PVC leads the static, PVC defends the floor of static, hdg all steel prevents impracticable raised floor of static, PVC plastic ornamental floor, swimming skill epoxy resin floor, heavy antiseptic floor of vinyl ester, once visited place level ground from being renovated, apply to the electron extensively, electric apparatus, printing, office premises, food, living beings, chemical industry, machining, computer preventing from, Post Office and Telecommunications Tower, school, hotel, hospital,etc. field offer a clean, beautiful production and official working environment for your company.
    We hope to cooperate with your company sincerely, create the beautiful environment, let us start from foundation for you.
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