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anDGS is an Android App is a client for the Dragon Go Server  (DGS) and a sgf game editor.

The anDGS app is available on the Android marketplace or download from here to install a .apk file to your phone directly.

A DGS account is required to use the DGS client features. The client interface to DGS displays moves made in the game and allows you to make a move.  Move coordinates or Pass are displayed at the top left. Pass moves are also displayed as a board with no marked last move.  The interface does not support starting a game, making pass moves, setting handicap, identifying captured stones, or final scoring.  Comments made by your opponent are displayed below the board.  After making a move you may add a comment by touching the comment button before you Submit the move. All of the unsupported actions must be performed via the normal DGS browser interface.  The DGS quick_play interface only supports answering a move on the board with a move on the board. i.e. you will not be able to use anDGS to make the first move in a game.  The client supports sequencing through all waiting games, viewing a list of waiting game and playing in selected ones, and downloading a selected game or any game on DGS.

The game editor supports standard SGF file format.  It supports move recording and play back with variations, comments and standard marks of "X" (mark), circle, square, triangle, white territory and black territory and any 1 or 2 character label on each stone or space..  Comments in the file are displayed below the board.  A modified unsaved game record will cause a Recover Game button to be displayed on the home screen, if you leave the editor.  You may also down load any game on DGS into the game editor by using the DGS game number in the DGS Client section.

Screenshots and descriptions are from an early version of anDGS to provide a quick overview.  For a complete list of features see:

The home screen looks like this:

Some options are accessed via the standard Android Menu button:
Every view has a help menu
Preferences set app options and preferences
Start/Stop Notifier - controls the DGS notifier service (changes based of service state.)
Tutorial - link to a basic how to play Go tutorial
Credits - Some people who worked on anDGS

DGS Client
Saved Game Files
New Game

Please let me know if there is a feature you would like.  Requests help me adjust my priorities.