Android Apps

Android Apps Mike developed. 
To side load these apps to your Android device from the DownLoads page:
With your web browser download the app .apk file to your device, open the .apk file with a file browser and you will be prompted to Install it. 
If you have direct access to the Android market, please get it from there as it is easier to submit bug reports which help me improve the app.
DownLoads for all apps.
More details:
1) anDGS - a Go game utility for studying and playing on a server.
2) Speech Timer - a timer utility for speeches, designed for Toastmaster (tm) events.
3) Contest Judge - a utility with electronic toastmasters contest judging forms to help calculate contestant order for a single judge.

If you wish to donate a little to show appreciation for these free no-ad apps, bitcoin is accepted on the home page.