About Us

Michael Dobbins
Mike has lead many teams from small sections through major multiple division projects with groups distributed over 8 time zones. For 15 years, Mike was a major contributor to the success of a theater company, serving multiple terms on the board, directing numerous live stage shows and taking on any role that the group needed at a moments notice. Other experiences include: earning a black belt in 3 different martial arts and con-currently running two programs teaching the 4000 year old Asian strategy game “Go” to children in PA and VA.

Holacracy pedigree:
- Attended the first public Introduction to Holacracy presentations  (2006)
- Participated in the first 2 day Holacracy Experience workshop (2007)
- Earned the first (group) Facilitators (Practitioners) Certification (2008)
- Created the company Hello Governance to be a container for my Holacracy work (2008)
- Earned in the first (group) Instructor Training Certification (2009)  
- Evaluated another Instructor's Certification submissions.
- Worked in several HolacracyOne Circles as an external (non-partner) member, General Company circle, Instructors circle and Volunteer circle.
- The first to explored public and private Holacracy webinars and distributed on-line Holacracy Governance meeting demonstrations. (2009)
- Implemented basic Holacracy practices in a Swift innovation challenge (20 people in Hong Kong, US and Europe) and won an award for best organization.
- Re-certified as Holacracy Practitioner and Facilitator (2014/2015)
Certified Holacracy Practitioner/Facilitator  (CHP, 2008, 2014, 2015) 

Certified Holacracy Instructor (CHP-I, 2009)

Certified Scrum Master (CSM, 2006)
Toastmasters: Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM)

Cara Miller