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      HOME > Products > VNA Trucks > Narrow Aisle Truck - NA2.0
      Creates 30% more storage space.
      Works in very narrow aisle, just need 1780mm(depending on pallet size).
      Lifts to height of 11 metres.
      Loads like a counterbalance forklift truck.
      Lift load of up to 2000kg capacity.
      Easy operation inside and out.
      Turning 180 degree both side of aisle.

      The Advantages of NA2.0
      Deluxe suspension seat.
      Tough cushion tyres.
      Safe start.
      Large foot space.
      Clear wide vision mast.
      Easy battery change.
      Integrate side shift.
      Full hydrostatic rotation.
      Excellent traction.
      Electric control system.
      Strong chassis fabricateon.
      Slewing ring.

      Easy maintenance
      Side-load battery compartment is easy to charge or change the battery.

      Sideway remove with roller for quick battery change.