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      Our services & maintenance

      Tailift Dealer Network

      Tailift forklift truck dealers offer more than quality lift trucks. By providing direct lift truck sales, parts and service support to customers in multiple industries located within their defined territories.

      Its sales networks are continually learning, its technicians have the latest diagnostic tools, it carries out customer satisfaction surveys, and it is continually extending the services on offer to its users.

      After Sales Service

      As well as producing high quality forklift trucks. Tailift also provide high quality services through our well-organized After Sales Service network and our computerized inventory system. So when selecting the most appropriate truck for your application, don't just compare the engineering and purchase costs of the truck, but consider the After-Sales Service support you will receive with it and be sure to secure your investment in the long run!

      Our company also provides diverse services including delivery inspection, regular maintenance, seasonal maintenance, and special traveling maintenance.

      After sales service procedures