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      1973The first company "Lin Da industry" was established in Taichung Taiwan
      1975The first manufacturing Ta Ya plant was start to operated in Taichung
      1987Enter the Material handling equipment field with Tailift brand to produce IC forklift truck
      1990Successful coordinated the domestic forklift dealer sale network, a rapid increase in domestic sales
      volume, and became the largest forklift manufacturer and distributor in Taiwan.
      1992Start to expand direct sales points in China. Establish sale branch in Guangdong and Shanghai (China)
      1993Develop electric forklift truck and transmission with own technology
      1994The market shares of "Tailift" brand forklift in Taiwan reached 30%.Tailift started to expand business
      to worldwide market.
      1995Tailift cooperated with Japan technically to design and manufacture 7L series forklift which offers wide?
      range of models. This series passed the forklift model authentication and won Taiwan Dominant New?
      Product Prize and Innovative Research Prize.
      1998Technical collaboration with UK company to produce VNA truck.
      1998Second honored as the National Leading product
      1998Tailift merged the sales system of YANG in Taiwan and created "ARTISON" brand which sold briskly
      in Europe.
      1999Enter China market. Long win holdings ltd join venture with world top global ltd to build manufacturing
      plant in Qingdao to produce forklift truck.
      2000Tailift Group became the largest forklift manufacturer and distributor in Taiwan, market shares reaching??
      2001The authentication of ISO 9002 and CE certification were granted
      2001Start the product different between Taiwan and China product. Tailift Taiwan start to produce high quality?
      truck to Japan. Also enlarge cooperation of OEM and ODM project
      2002Tailift China plant start mass production from capacity 1 ton to 5 ton
      2002Tailift china certify with ISO and CE certificate and export license
      2002Sells and serves network increase by nearly 150 in the whole country of China
      2002Taiwan domestic forklift truck market reach to 75% of market share
      2003Tailift china became the first brand for forklift export to US.
      2003Tailift made 10000forklifts and its annual export volume was over 3000 forklifts.
      2004New forklift development “Arctic Hare”.
      2005?New forklift “Arctic Hare “launched and start mass production?
      2005Tailift China produce 30000 units and become the no.1 foreign investment company in china
      2005Tailift china export over 1000 units of forklift worldwide
      2005Establishment subsidiary Fuyu assembly and parts repair plant in Guanghou, China.
      2006Taiwan expand two more production facilities. One for forklift truck assembly and the other for mast?
      2006Technical collaboration with the German company to produce sideloader forklift truck.
      2006Imported 7 to 10 tons forklift from Tailift Qindao to Taiwan for improvement.
      2007Technical colloboration with Canadian company to produce Rough terrain forklifts
      2007Establish Zhong Hua manufacturing plant in Nantou Taiwan. Forklift truck production reach 450 units?
      per month
      2007Hubtex VNA truck start mass production
      2008Establishment of sales subsidiary in USA to develop the USA market.
      2008Sign the industry zone with government of Qingdao to produce material handling handling equipment
      2009Establishment of two new sale departments in Taiwan plant
      2009Technical colloboration with Danish company to develop 6 to 9 tons forklift truck
      2009Completed the development of CNG Tow tractors, and planed actively to develop the aviation market.
      2010Establishment of new sale and R&D departments in China plant
      2010Established the branch in Russian
      2010High-class Z-1000 series forklift trucks were introduced in the market, and became the differentiation
      between Taiwan forklift and China forklift. The first phase products were 1.5 to 3.5 ton diesel forklift.
      2011High-class Z-2000 series electric forklift trucks were introduced in the market.
      2011Collaborated with German company to produce 1 to 2.5 tons pallet trucks.
      2012Completed the development of lithium iron batteries for pallet trucks.
      2012Tailift Z2000 forklift truck was awarded "2011 Taiwan Excellence Award"
      2015Enters in Toyota Industries Group which is number one forklift manufacturer group in the world.
      2017The 9L Plus from Tailift Taiwan – an evolutionary upgrade
      2020The 5th Year Anniversary Joined Toyota Industries Group