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Holacracy is a self organizing, distributed authority process for your organization which supports and evolves all of your normal business practices.

Some of the benefits of implementing Holacracy include:
  • Processing pain to create purposeful change.
    Every pain point, issue or opportunity has a place to be processed in Holacracy.  This leads to these tensions being perceived not as uncomfortable issues to be tolerated, but as guides to lead the organization forward. The changes generated by Holacracy processes better align the organization with its purpose.

  • Improved clarity.
    Holacracy continuously clarifies the roles, accountabilities, policies and structure to best meet the organization goals and purpose as reality continuously changes.

  • Reduced waste and improved productivity.
    By explicitly making roles, accountabilities, limits clear, there is less miscommunication and confusion. Next steps are clearly defined, leading to less uncertainty as to what actions are need and thus improved productivity.

  • Reduced management overhead.
    With the distribution of decision making to the roles where actions are taken, Holacracy reduces the delay in waiting for management approval. This self managed approach, reduces the need for a top heavy management organization, leading to a leaner and more agile organization.

  • Improved Organization agility.
    The distributed governance model allows the organization to change structure dynamically to adjust to changing needs and requirements.

  • Improved worker engagement.
    Increased autonomy and productivity greatly improves personal work life quality and encourages a more entrepreneurial attitude and engagement.
To get started see: How It Works!.  
For a list of known organizations using Holacracy, see: Holacracy Cases

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